Minggu, 11 September 2011


Sunday night ... I felt so lazy to going out. Therefore, I decided to cook at home rather than going to buy meal out. Idly I filled out a quiz on a female magazine about my relationships style. Here's the results:

You'r including a lovers who think logically and see a relationship in a practical way. More influenced by the brain than the heart, and more of shared interests and similar life goals.
  • Your positive side: rational nature makes you able to see an issue with more clarity.
  • Your negative side: You tend to be less romantic to your partner. Remember, basically there is no love that is fully in accordance with the logic.

Of course I absolutely not like that...
It's a very cruel accusation ...
It's make me feel like this!!!!!
In fact,
from the deepest of my heart
I say that, the really thing is,
I just like this

forbidden to protest , author's decision is final and can not be inviolable